How to Use Video as a Digital Marketing Tool

Feeling less than inspired by your current digital marketing efforts? If your online content looks a little old-fashioned and no one is noticing your images, it might be time to give video a try. Contrary to popular belief, it is simple to make a video for business or marketing purposes, and, once made, the video can be used to great effect. If you haven’t already jumped on the video bandwagon, now is the time to do so – more and more people are watching videos online, and video is one of the best ways to reach a large audience with your message. Here’s how to use video as a digital marketing tool, and how to make sure the world gets to see your video creation online.

One of the best ways of using video for marketing purposes is for a product demonstration. It is difficult to describe in words how to operate a piece of technology or how makeup can make you look better. Text will always be a significant part of whichever way you choose to market your products, but with video you can add an interesting and informative demonstrative aspect. Statistics show that people are happier buying from an online store when they can see the products in action – think about how, in pre-Internet days, you wouldn’t want to buy something in the store without seeing it out of the box. The product demonstration video is the modern way of opening the box. You can also use video to describe how a service works or how to use a particular aspect of the product.

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Linked to the product demonstrations is the problem-solving video, or the FAQ video. This video explains in detail one aspect of the product or service – for example, how to set up the wireless router or how to apply the anti-ageing cream. Your viewers will probably have already bought the product when they view this video, but you can help build customer satisfaction and cut down on the amount of time you need to talk people through the process on the telephone. If viewers haven’t already bought the item, then the added detail will make them more secure about purchasing it from you, knowing that they will be covered if they have any problems.

In addition, you can use a video to display positive testimonies about the value your product or service brings to people’s lives. Testimonials written in text on your website seem a little false, but video testimonials are more easily taken on trust and you have a good opportunity to be creative, entertaining, and humorous with your messages.

Once you have created your marketing video, make sure the world gets to see it by distributing it widely. where you can quickly and easily upload your videos into a cloud-based system where your content will be distributed around the world.

Why Apple IOS 8 is So Successful in the Market?

Are you an Apple user? Well, not real apples, but the wonderful device that has given a new outlook to the technology! Yes the apple android Smartphone that has made things much easier for you. Those who are apple users love to play with your device, don’t you? But here is good news for you. The new iOS 8 related android has turned the market more competitive and made people satisfy their wants!

What is android IOS 8 related to?

Well, earlier the security system is said to be not so strong with the earlier apple versions. The protection to the passwords automatically vanishes when you copy information on the phone or copy the same on iCloud service. This happened because Apple complied with these warrants so that they can turn over the infos on their services.

There were other restrictions too where the password only is applied to the mails and the messages. The government can easily access them through the customer services. But the new iOS boasts of better protection facilities as you used the updated iTunes and iClouds versions.

apple ios 8What does the current IOS support?

Well, all the versions of Apple come with updated apps. You love to work with Apple since these apps are iOS supported. The new Ios 8 is more apt for the generation since it has come along with:

  • 1.3-1.5 GB of the device’s memory and the flash. It is done for the partitioning system.
  • Only 800 MB of the partition is used for Ios on its own.
  • It runs on iPhone 4S and the other updated versions that came later. It is also available on iPad2, iPad Mini models and the iPod Touch that is of the newer generation.
  • You have multitasking options that will make your work easier and faster unlike other Androids.

All these applications were also previously included in the earlier versions of iOS but the new Apple iOS 8 related to other iOS has given these previous applications a new technological support.

What is included in multitasking?

You must love to do multitasking jobs in real life, right? It helps to save time and you learn a lot from it. In your android too, you have multitasking where there is Background audio where this audio runs in the background as the content is being played.

Then there is Voice over IP where, when you don’t have any phone call, the service is suspended. Background location, push notifications along-with local notifications are there too. A wonderful app named task completion app is installed too where this application asks the device to be in standby mode so that the ongoing process can be stopped.

There is also fast app switching where there is no code in the application and can be removed from the memory card whenever you like it. All these apps are run after expert supervision. The price is at a high thou, but then you can gift yourself your favorite Android anytime and anywhere.

To know more about Android Ios you can visit the original page of Apple and have a look into its features too. The videos that are there, you can see them and you will get a clear idea of what you want!